My Dua- Soften His Heart

Ya Allah soften his heart

Whoever he is I ask that you soften his heart towards you and towards me.

Ya Allah make him happy. Give him the desires of his beautiful heart. Grant him sabr and iman and make his path well lit and easy.

Ya Allah make his life stress free and simple. Grant him as much success as you know he is capable of handling.

Ya Allah soften his heart to his parents. Put a fire and love for them deep inside his heart as this is how he will reach mine.

Ya Allah if he smokes put it in his heart to quit. Because I want him to survive our children..because I want him to be healthy. I want him to take deep breathes when he sees me and be strong enough to toss me around playfully.

Ya Allah awaken him at 5am with a desire for fajr. That is all I really ask. With that everything else will come. Alhamdulillah

Ya Allah help him to lower his gaze. You and I both know how hard it is. Grant him peace in that. Do not let him toss and turn at night with desires he can not quench.

Ya Allah keep him in your mercy. You wrote him for me and me for him so please keep him safe and when we finally meet help us to see each other for what we are.

Ya Allah do not give him happiness without bitterness.

 Grant him just enough struggle so that he has some grit to his character.

 Grant him just enough precious sadness in his life so that he can truly appreciate the happiness.

 Give him just enough of a taste of heart ache so he knows how it feels and won’t do it to others.

 Give him a test of poverty for a time so he learns to live with nothing and be ok with that.

 Give him a time of loneliness so when he finally has me he will realize how blessed we are to have   been created in pairs.

Ya Allah … Yalla! … I know you do things in your own time and your own way and you are the best of planners, but I am human.

I am what you created.
I am impatient.
I am lonely.
I am desperate for his touch.
I am desperate to look into his eyes.
I am at the edge of what I can possibly bare.
Maybe he is not ready yet?
Maybe I am waiting for you to do what needs to be done to make him ready for me.

Ya Allah give us both the desires of our hearts.
End this separation between us.
Ya Allah reveal us to each other …


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